A Home Visit

Our practice completed our first home visit with a new mother and baby this past week. I am so proud we are able to offer this service and it is being so well received by our patients. We have four more set up and I am certain the program will continue to grow and expand.


It is becoming difficult to survive and make a living in private practice nowadays. Small practices are being bought up by larger health systems and hospitals because independent physicians cannot make ends meet. Due to the significantly decreased income in 2015 and four children to support, I began looking for a pediatric job outside of Washington State. That may come as a surprise to many of you.

Relocating my family to another area of the county is a decision I never thought I would face, let alone 15 years after returning to my hometown. As a family, we love playing tennis, the schools here are amazing, and our immediate family is a stones throw away, which made this decision a difficult one.

As I looked at other practices, it was tough to find a place that really cared about children and provided the same level of comprehensive service we already do. Then Eugene Pediatrics in Eugene, OR popped up on my radar. The physician who founded this practice seems to have a similar philosophy; treating children as if they were her own. So I flew down to visit and better understand how this practice makes things work on a daily basis.

They had just begun offering newborn home visiting services for new mothers. This innovative idea resonated with everything I loved about pediatrics and 'going the extra mile.' After returning home, I began recruiting for someone who was interested in helping us offer this innovative, wrap around type of health care for children. A nurse who was my boss at the Kitsap County Health District over 20 years ago, was willing to see if the job was a fit for her.

She sat down in my office this past Monday with a huge grin on her face and expressed how much she loved visiting this new mom and baby. She was almost beaming with excitement, which made me pretty ecstatic as well. Our “first” mom seemed equally as pleased with the home visit, if not more so than the nurse who provided it. Success!

Specifically, our new mom said “it was a real chance to sit down and have a relaxed conversation with another person, who had experience as a mom coupled with medical knowledge at the same time." At home, this new mom felt more comfortable asking questions and getting answers. Her favorite aspect of the home visiting service was simply the factor of convenience.

Life is full of surprises sometimes and 2015 was my 'curve ball' year. It has been a time of change, exploration of the idea of leaving my hometown, and finally arrival at a decision to re-commit to my own practice and this community for as long as possible. I may be the last independent medical practice standing someday, but I will not go down without a fight.

Below is the video about Eugene Pediatrics and their home visiting service to give you a better idea of what to expect from us. They have three months under their belt and are already making a significant impact on their families. It is exactly this kind of innovative care that makes Silverdale Pediatrics, LLP a unique place to bring your children, all three generations of them. Looking forward to caring for a fourth generation of children in the future.

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